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About Mindful Giving


Mindful Giving is a philanthropic consulting firm dedicated to helping generous individuals and families make the most of their charitable giving.

For many busy professionals, charitable giving is something that happens hurriedly, often at the end of the year, and without the thought, excitement, or attention to detail these important decisions deserve. By investing a small amount of time “up front” developing a personal giving strategy, our clients are able to make more informed, strategic decisions to maximize the impact of their giving. 


Mindful Giving specializes in creating personalized giving plans, ensuring that your charitable work best suits your passions, level of engagement, and desired outcomes. 


We assist donors on a variety of matters including:

  • Choosing a cause (or causes) that you truly care about

  • Evaluating the health and effectiveness of potential nonprofit partners

  • Leveraging giving to enhance your personal or professional success

  • Engaging the next generation in your family’s charitable work

  • Developing your own specialized giving programs, i.e. special events or scholarship funds 

  • Ensuring and maximizing the deductibility of your charitable gifts

  • Learning about the various types of giving vehicles, and how to choose which best suits your needs and goals

About Amy

Amy Goodwin, Philanthropic Consultant, CEO of Mindful Giving LLC

Amy Goodwin is the Founder and Principal of Mindful Giving. She is also President & CEO of The Johnson Foundation, and Co-Founder of People's Liberty, a Cincinnati based philanthropic lab. 

Through each of these initiatives, Ms. Goodwin focuses on community development and civic engagement initiatives as a driver for positive social change. She has overseen the distribution of millions of dollars in philanthropic investments, employing an engaged approach to both leverage giving and maximize impact. This unique approach has garnered recognition from national philanthropic organizations, and her work has

been featured in a variety of local, regional and national publications.


In addition to her undergraduate work at The University of Cincinnati, Amy holds a Certificate in Philanthropy & Nonprofit Management from Northwestern University, and is a 21/64 Certified Philanthropic Advisor. She currently serves as Trustee for Cincinnati Public Radio, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati Street Railway, Inc., and MusicNOW contemporary music festival.

Why Mindful Giving?

During her years working in the field of philanthropy, Amy noticed a frequent “disconnect” between charitable individuals and the organizations they were supporting. She observed people making gifts- often significant ones- without much thought or understanding about where those funds were being directed, or having any real passion or excitement about the transaction.


Having experienced firsthand the joy that comes with making a thoughtful financial commitment to a cause or organization she cares about, Amy set out to help these charitable individuals to make the most of their generosity- by leveraging gifts and maximizing impact for both the donor and the recipient. 

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