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Personalized Giving Plans


Elevate your giving and maximize impact through the development of a personalized annual giving plan. Learn more here.

Charitable Grants Administration

Upon completion of a Personalized Giving Plan, clients can choose to work with Mindful Giving on an ongoing basis to provide turn-key administration and execution of your plan. Learn more here.  

Nonprofit Setup


For individuals interested in setting up a private foundation, or groups seeking to achieve federally recognized public charity status for a new nonprofit entity, Mindful Giving can assist with items such as strategic planning, incorporation, and preparation of local, state and federal filings.  

Personalized Consulting Services


For individuals or families with more specific or ongoing needs, we offer personalized consulting services, which can be arranged on an hourly or project basis.

Common topics addressed include:

-Choosing a cause (or causes) that you truly care about

-Evaluating the health and effectiveness of a nonprofit

-Leveraging your giving to enhance your personal or professional success

-Engaging the next generation in your family’s charitable work

-Learning about the various types of giving vehicles (foundations, donor advised funds, giving circles, etc.) and how to choose which best suits your needs and goals

-Learning about the different types of charitable gifts (unrestricted, capital, naming rights, matching, etc) and when to choose each according to your goals

-Development of specific charitable programs, including community projects, social impact campaigns, convenings, scholarship funds, etc.

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