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Personalized Giving Plans

Elevate your giving and maximize impact through the development of a personalized annual giving plan.


Here’s how it works:


Survey: You complete a brief online survey about your current giving habits and areas of interest.


Personalization: Based on your responses, Amy will tailor a custom consultation that addresses your specific needs, questions and requirements.


Consultation: We meet in person (or via Zoom, if preferred) for a 90 minute consultation.


Report: The information uncovered and discussed during our in person consultation will be used to formulate your personalized plan. This report will be returned to you within a week of our meeting, and can be used to help direct and inform your charitable giving for the year (or years) ahead.

(Optional) Follow on Services: Depending on specific needs and potential time constraints, clients can choose to work with Mindful Giving on an ongoing basis to provide turn-key administration and execution of your personalized giving plan. 


Outcomes of the Personalized Giving Plan Process


-Tailor your giving to suit your desired outcomes


-Learn to focus your giving for maximum impact

-Ensure and maximize the deductibility of your charitable gifts


-Learn how to leverage your philanthropy beyond just cutting a check


-Identify the causes that mean the most to you, and learn how to focus your giving to maximize impact in these areas


-Everyone has different feelings and motivations for giving- learn how to match your motives to the right opportunities


-Understand the different types of gifts (i.e. restricted, capital, general operating, etc)


-Learn about various giving vehicles including

  • Foundations

  • Donor Advised Funds

  • Challenge Grants

  • Multi-year Grants

  • Scholarships

  • Giving Circles


-Learn how best to administer your giving (RFPs, formal grant requests, meetings, site visits, etc.) and measure impact.


-Use your completed plan to inform and direct your charitable giving on an annual (or longer) basis. 

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