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Charitable Grants Administration

Upon completion of a Personalized Giving Plan, clients can choose to work with Mindful Giving on an ongoing basis to provide turn-key administration and execution of their plan. This service is ideal for busy clients who see the value in engaged, thoughtful giving, but lack the bandwidth to dedicate the time necessary to achieve their charitable goals. 

Our Charitable Grants Administration engagements include

-Assistance in developing a personalized giving plan/strategy

-Development of a personalized portfolio of vetted giving opportunities, based on your preferences and areas of interest (This can be done monthly, quarterly, etc. based on your preferences)


-Research and evaluation of the financial health and overall effectiveness of each potential opportunity (whether MG brings them to you or vice versa)


-Verification and documentation of the federal charitable status of each nonprofit, ensuring deductibility according to current IRS guidelines


-Drafting of “award letters” for each gift, detailing its intended use, and any other donor preferences 


-Collection and maintenance of acknowledgement letters (receipts) for each gift, for use at tax time, or in the event of a future audit


-Documentation of grant impact and outcomes, as appropriate 



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